2023 PenCraft Book Award Winners


Congratulations to our 2023 PenCraft Book Award Winners!

Book of The Year Winner for 2023

Early Grave PenCraft Book Award - Best Book 2023
Early Grave
Paul Levine

Nonfiction and Fiction Book of the Year winners

Swift Sword - Nonfiction PenCraft Book Award - Best Book 2023
Swift Sword
Doyle Glass
Senator's Wife - Fiction PenCraft Book Award - Best Fiction 2023
The Senator's Wife
Jen Lyon

2023 PenCraft Book Award 1st Place Winners

Fiction - Drama Cooper's Promise BY Timothy Jay Smith
Fiction - Fantasy A Lust for Blood BY K.C. Smith
Fiction - General Drunk Talk BY Mike Davis
Fiction - Historical The Silver Waterfall: A Novel of the Battle of Midway BY Kevin Miller
Fiction - Horror River of Ashes BY Alexandrea Weis
Fiction - Humor Water Memory BY Tom Strelich
Fiction - Intrigue Bucharest Legacy BY William Maz
Fiction - Mystery - General The Nocturnal Devil BY Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.
Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth Murder in the Master BY Judy L Murray
Fiction - Paranormal Grave Secrets BY Cassandra Aston
Fiction - Realistic London Bridge BY Steven Dhondt
Fiction - Science Fiction ReInception BY Sarena Straus
Fiction - Short Stories/Anthologies Vengefully Yours BY J Rose Black
Fiction - Southern The Hammerhead Chronicles BY Scott Gould
Fiction - Supernatural The Stars At Knight BY Rob Bartley
Fiction - Suspense The Glades BY john netti
Fiction - Thriller - General Stable BY Cam Torrens
Fiction - Thriller - Terrorist GUIDANCE TO DEATH BY Daniel Meier
Fiction - Womens Moments Like This BY Anna Gomez Kristoffer Polaha
Graphic Novel/Comic There is No Shrimp... And Other Lies My Mother Told Me BY Kenny Loui
Nonfiction - Animals The Remarkable Reefs of Cuba BY David Guggenheim
Nonfiction - Autobiography Unsuspecting Child BY Marylee Martin
Nonfiction - Biography EINSTEIN BY Gary S Berger
Nonfiction - Business/Finance Elevate Your Team BY Robert Glazer
Nonfiction - Drama Sprig of White Heather and a Scottish Lass BY Anne Angelo
Nonfiction - Education The Support Staff at Your School BY Andrew Kirkpatrick
Nonfiction - General Communicate with Courage: Taking Risks to Overcome the Four Hidden Challenges BY Michelle Gladieux
Nonfiction - Gov/Politics The Paradox of Debt BY Richard Vague
Nonfiction - Grief A Voice from Heaven BY Cynthia Girman
Nonfiction - Health - Fitness Biomechanics of Your Body BY Tracy Markley
Nonfiction - Health - Medical Stroke Recovery, What Now? BY Tracy Markley
Nonfiction - Historical/Cultural Once Our Lives BY Qin Stubis
Nonfiction - Memoir The Buddha and the Bee BY Cory Mortensen
Nonfiction - Motivational We've Got This BY Ritu Bhasin
Nonfiction - Parenting Crossing Fifty-One: Not Quite a Memoir BY Debbie Russell
Nonfiction - Religion/Phil. The River of God's Presence BY Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard
Audio Books Water Memory BY Tom Strelich
Children - 4th-6th Toby's Tale BY Jennifer Freedman
Children - Animals Books Dandelion BY Kim Carr
Children - Christian Books Girls Can BY Deb Preston
Children - Concept Children Who Dance in the Rain BY Susan Justice
Children - Dealing With Emotions The Golden Bee BY Dana Storino
Children - Early Childhood Education Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze BY Sheryl Bass
Children - Fantasy & Magic The Pennymores and the Curse of the Invisible Quill BY Eric Koester
Children - K-3rd - Fable ROO'S FINE FLAPPING DAY BY Auralee Arkinsly
Children - K-3rd - General Modern Farms BY Jacqueline Nix
Children - Literature TAYLOR BEFORE AND AFTER BY Jennie Englund
Children - Mystery & Wonders The Book Bandit BY Caron Pescatore
Children - Nature Books The Butterfly House BY Sarah John
Children - Preschool Mystery Feelings BY Joy Gallivan
Children - Preteen Erift's Journeys: Secrets of The Sealed Forest BY J.T. Tenera
Christian - Devotion/Study HE IS! Knowing God through Fifty Scriptural Meditations BY Mark Worden
Christian - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Guardian Angel Academy BY Tamara Hart Heiner
Christian - Fiction Outside of Grace BY Anna Daugherty
Christian - Historical Fiction Porch Music BY Kathy Maresca
Christian - Living Learning on the Fly and Laughing Till I Cry BY Deb Preston
Christian - Nonfiction Finding Gideon BY Sarah Hickner
Christian - Romance God Must've Spent a Little More Time on You BY GIOVANNI FLORES
Fiction - Action INTHE LAIR OF LEGENDS BY David Buzan
Fiction - Adventure As Far As You Can Go Before You Have To Come Back BY Alle C. Hall
Fiction - Chick Lit Paloma In A Pickle BY Annette G. Anders
Fiction - Cultural The Paper Route BY Jacqueline Cayer Nelson McDonald
Nonfiction - Retirement The Money and Meaning Journey BY Jeff Bernier
Nonfiction - Self Help The Half-Known Life: What Matters Most When You're Running Out of Time BY Ryan Lindner
Nonfiction - Short Stories/Anthologies Our Stories: Tales From The Jail and Other Uniform Stories BY Rae and Amber Scott and Allen
Nonfiction - Southern U.S. Biographies You May Not Be Who You Think You Are! BY John Payne
Nonfiction - Sports Vintage Base Ball's Enduring Legacy BY Jack Pelikan
Nonfiction - War The Saigon Guns BY John Hoffman
Poetry/Music A Brighter TOMORROW BY Lori Schneider
Romance - Contemporary The Outcast BY Eve Riley
Romance - Erotica Dragum BY K.c. LaSaga
Romance - Fantasy/Sci-Fi The Chimera Bounty BY Ember Holt
Romance - Historical Falling for Elizabeth Bennet - 2nd Edition BY Debra-Ann Kummoung
Romance - Suspense Chasing Justice BY Kathleen Donnelly
Young Adult - Coming of Age Thaddeus of Beewicke BY Louis Sauvain
Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Discovery of the Five Senses BY K.N. Smith
Young Adult - General The Mental Fight Of Your Life BY Freddie Floyd Jr

2023 PenCraft Book Award 2nd Place Winners

Children - Fantasy & Magic The Princess, the Knight, and the Lost God BY: Victoria Winifred
Fiction - Fantasy The Story of Evil - An Epic Fantasy Saga BY: Tony Johnson
Romance - Contemporary When the Wind Chimes BY: Mary Ting
Christian - Fantasy/Sci-Fi The Oasis King BY: Mark Pullen
Christian - Nonfiction Peace, Joy and Love:Christmas Across Africa BY: Terry Lister
Christian - Devotion/Study Walk on Water BY: Deborah B. McDermet
Fiction - Adventure Exploration BY: David Tory
Nonfiction - Animals Welcome to My World of Animal Communication and Healing BY: Maureen Rolls
Nonfiction - Biography My Maril BY: Terry Karger and Jay Margolis
Nonfiction - Sports Sport : a Stage for Life BY: Cristiana Pinciroli
Nonfiction - Education Helping Teen Moms Graduate BY: Christine Stroble
Fiction - Suspense Fire on the Island BY: Timothy Jay Smith
Children - Literature Molly Shipton, Secret Actress BY: Sheri Graubert
Nonfiction - Short Stories/Anthologies Black Boy's Blues: Funny Money BY: Ryan Hunter
Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fae Away BY: Rose Garcia
Nonfiction - General The Future Normal BY: Rohit and Henry Bhargava and Coutinho-Mason
Children - Preschool How to Dress a Dinosaur BY: Robin Currie
Nonfiction - Health - Medical The Stress Book BY: D. TERRENCE FOSTER, MD
Romance - Erotica Trapped BY: Reese _
Nonfiction - War Vietnam Combat BY: Robin Bartlett
Christian - Historical Fiction My Rock and My Refuge BY: Rachel Kovaciny
Children - Early Childhood Education Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash BY: Paki Perkins
Children - Preteen The Underground Book Readers BY: Terry Overton
Young Adult - Coming of Age Legends of the Donut Shop BY: Terry Overton
Christian - Living Resolve BY: Will Ertel
Fiction - Chick Lit Silver Heels BY: Michelle Lynn
Young Adult - General RISING STAR BY: Michele Kwasniewski
Children - 4th-6th Project First Flight: Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures?Book 3 BY: Marsha Tufft
Children - Animals Books Cow Tales: Rowdy Ringo BY: Marisa Betts
Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth Do Nothing BY: Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.
Romance - Suspense Haunt BY: Christina Maraziotis
Fiction - Cultural Jus Breathe BY: B. Lynn Carter
Romance - Fantasy/Sci-Fi The Wolf Boss & His Darling BY: Elm Jed
Fiction - Womens The Good Time Girls BY: K. T. Blakemore
Graphic Novel/Comic Life Lessons from a UFO Catcher BY: Kenny Loui
Children - Mystery & Wonders ?Hola, Lola! Lola and the Tooth Fairy Mouse Mystery BY: keka Novales
Audio Books Keith's Inspirational Story Negotiating Cancer Survive Revive Thrive BY: Maryla Mary
Nonfiction - Religion/Phil. Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead BY: John Russell
Nonfiction - Parenting Mom On Wheels BY: Marjorie Aunos
Fiction - Thriller - General Adverse Effects BY: Joel Shulkin
Nonfiction - Autobiography Lifeline to a Soul BY: John McLaughlin
Christian - Romance Mirrored Reflections BY: Judy Ridgley
Fiction - Short Stories/Anthologies The Black Hole Pastrami - Stories BY: Jeffrey Feingold
Fiction - Realistic Ripples, Shadows & Huddled Scraps BY: Jeffery Martin
Fiction - Intrigue For the Minds and Wills of Men BY: Jeff Lanier
Fiction - Horror Route 666: Highway to Hell BY: John D. Toepfer
Fiction - Drama The Edge BY: James McCusker
Fiction - Mystery - General Coldwater Confession BY: James Ross
Fiction - Science Fiction Tionsphere BY: J.C. Gemmell
Children - Nature Books I Love Dandelions BY: August (pen name) Allen
Nonfiction - Drama Barefoot In Hells Canyon BY: Bryan Gould
Poetry/Music Lit Soul: My Journey back to faith BY: Jessi Hersey
Nonfiction - Gov/Politics Schnooks, Crooks, Liars & Scoundrels BY: Gene Berardelli
Fiction - Paranormal Into the Attic BY: Ellen Sherman
Nonfiction - Business/Finance You Do You(ish) BY: Erin Hatzikostas
Christian - Fiction The Adventures of Andrew Dunbar BY: Eric Ferguson
Children - Christian Books The Seed of Faith: A Christmas Miracle BY: Daniel Petronelli
Fiction - Thriller - Terrorist Nomad BY: Darren Guthrie
Children - Concept BIG THINGS: A Story for Older Siblings of C-Babies BY: Danielle L. Forbes
Nonfiction - Memoir Unlost BY: Cory Mortensen
Fiction - Supernatural Good Night Room Nine BY: Cody Ray George
Nonfiction - Relationships Problem Solver, Maximizing Your Strengths To Make Better Decisions BY: Cheryl Einh
Children - Dealing With Emotions The Princess Who Can't Sit Still BY: Cherise Hurt
Fiction - Humor Jayne and the Average North Dakotan BY: Chandler Myer
Fiction - General A Better Heart BY: Chuck Augello
Children - K-3rd - Fable Melody Moose and the Lost & Found Song BY: Casey White
Nonfiction - Grief Unshattered Grief BY: Michelle Cramer
Nonfiction - Self Help The 6 Phase Meditation Method BY: Vishen Lakhiani
Fiction - Historical Susan: A Jane Austen Prequel BY: Alice McVeigh
Fiction - Southern Crossing Lake Pontchartrain BY: Arthur Byrd
Nonfiction - Historical/Cultural Understanding Superhero Comic Books BY: Alex Grand
Romance - Historical Lady of the Plantation BY: Adrian Heflin

2023 PenCraft Book Award Runner-Up Winners

Children - 4th-6th Stan and Allen: A Book About Gender BY Huxley Bunn
Children - Animals Books Napoleon: No Ordinary Donkey BY April Lopez
Children - Christian Books Lillian's Christmas Dream BY VERA RICHARD HARRIS
Children - Concept I Think My Sister is a Superhero BY Audrey Eichelberger
Children - Concept The ABCs of Compassion BY Carla Koala
Children - Dealing With Emotions Into the Wind BY William Loizeaux
Children - Dealing With Emotions What I See is Love BY Gabriella Fiorletta
Children - Fantasy & Magic Huckleberry Academy, The School of Imagination BY Joshua Willis
Children - Fantasy & Magic The Magical Shell BY Endeah Canty
Children - K-3rd - Fable Monster? BY Kathy Cooke
Children - K-3rd - General Do Your Best, Tess! BY Janet Morris Grimes
Children - K-3rd - General Hello, Can I Bug You? BY Sherry Roberts
Children - K-3rd - General I Like Mud BY Margaret Grote
Children - Literature Voices of Diversity BY Vanessa Caraveo
Children - Mystery & Wonders Where it?s Always Spooky Season BY Scott Donnelly
Children - Nature Books Livy Little Honey Bee BY Celia Straus
Children - Preschool Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole BY Chris Harden
Children - Preteen Facing the Beast Within BY Mark Cheverton
Christian - Devotion/Study Beyond the Parentheses BY Susan Ford
Christian - Devotion/Study The Diary of a Dragonfly BY Anne Marie Lucci-Stahl
Christian - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Seginus, The Eternal Time Traveller BY Ganesh Shenoy
Christian - Fiction FROM THE ARCHIVES BY Kitty Arceneaux
Christian - Historical Fiction Saint Francis: Religion of Love BY Lisa Monde
Christian - Living EVERYDAY MIRACLES OF LOURDES BY Marlene Watkins
Christian - Nonfiction Biblical Keys to Life BY Latina Smith
Christian - Nonfiction She is My Child BY Tammy Coulter
Fiction - Adventure Into the River of Angels BY George Wolfe
Fiction - Adventure Last Star Standing BY Alice McVeigh
Fiction - Cultural Mud Crab Kingdom BY Joel Hamilton
Fiction - Cultural Name I Choose BY Holly Brough
Fiction - Cultural Root of All Evil Deluxe BY Ayura Ayira
Fiction - Cultural Visiting My Great-Grandparents BY Yecenia E Mariscal Tinajero
Fiction - Drama Man Alone BY Jack Remick
Fiction - Drama The World is Full of Champions BY Julie Sullivan
Fiction - Fantasy Coup de Grace BY Paul Centeno
Fiction - Fantasy Greedy as a Ghoul BY Casey Sutton
Fiction - Fantasy The Last Spiritwalker BY Liv Strom
Fiction - General Secrets In The Mirror BY Leslie Kain
Fiction - Historical Brothers Of War, The Iron Brigade At Gettysburg BY Michael Eisenhut
Fiction - Historical Of White Ashes BY Constance & Kent Matsumoto
Fiction - Historical Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again: Friddie?s story BY Roni Rosenthal
Fiction - Horror The Windy City Terror BY Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.
Fiction - Humor Villa Leila BY Adam Herman
Fiction - Intrigue Creatures BY Gerald de Vere
Fiction - Intrigue EPIC: THE GAME BY Jack Kaminskie
Fiction - Mystery - General Black and Blue BY Frank Weber
Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth Killer in the Kitchen BY Judy L Murray
Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth Naked Came the Detective BY Glendall Jackson
Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth Schrodinger's Gold BY Emory Moon
Fiction - Paranormal Into the Attic BY Ellen Sherman
Fiction - Realistic The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book Two: On Becoming Laurie Roberts (Larry Martin Novel Series) BY Pavane Ravel
Fiction - Science Fiction Siphon BY Jason Fox
Fiction - Southern Psychedelic Hibiscus BY Pete Cradle
Fiction - Supernatural Dying to Live BY Barbara Reyelts
Fiction - Supernatural The Harpsichordist BY Celeste Plowden
Fiction - Suspense Echo from a Bayou BY J. Luke Bennecke
Fiction - Suspense The Body Auction BY Lisa Mathis
Fiction - Thriller - General Dark Eyes BY Nina Romano
Fiction - Thriller - General Slip BY Michael Pogach
Fiction - Thriller - General Stumble & Fall BY Amy Rivers
Fiction - Womens Glory Unbound BY Deborah King
Fiction - Womens Nine Days BY Judy Lannon
Graphic Novel/Comic Hashman BY Alexander Grand
Nonfiction - Biography my Imaginary Friend BY Thomas Wermuth
Nonfiction - Business/Finance LIFT BY Faisal Hoque
Nonfiction - Business/Finance Reinvent BY Faisal Hoque
Nonfiction - Education Visual Biology. Animals BY Vladimir Timokhanov
Nonfiction - General Meet Dave Lassam, the Man for the Job BY Dave Lassam
Nonfiction - General The Invisible Machine BY Jamie Mustard
Nonfiction - Gov/Politics America: Underwater and Sinking BY James B Lockhart III
Nonfiction - Health - Medical Head First BY David Tomen
Nonfiction - Health - Medical Hello Anxiety My Old Friend BY Natalie Kohlhaas
Nonfiction - Historical/Cultural Delaware Before the Railroads BY Dave Tabler
Nonfiction - Historical/Cultural Hippie War BY Jonathan Jones
Nonfiction - Memoir Behold the Monster BY Jillian Lauren
Nonfiction - Memoir SEA PAY BY Bob Dorgan
Nonfiction - Memoir Whatever the Future Holds BY Heidi McCann
Nonfiction - Motivational Messed Up Like You BY Rick Culleton
Nonfiction - Motivational Tom Peters' Compact Guide to Excellence BY Tom Peters
Nonfiction - Parenting The Magic In Metaphor BY Harley Sears
Nonfiction - Relationships Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street BY C.J. Hudson
Nonfiction - Relationships Our Mothers, Our Daughters BY Candace Gish
Nonfiction - Religion/Phil. Alchemical Search for the Unified Field BY Richard E. Kretz
Nonfiction - Self Help Keep Your Fork; Something Sweet is Coming BY Bill Kavanagh
Nonfiction - Self Help Unlock Happiness By Mastering The Self BY Shobeir Shobeyri
Nonfiction - Self Help Wonderhell BY Laura Gassner Otting
Nonfiction - Sports I Want To Play College Golf BY Angelina and Cameron Huang
Nonfiction - War Avoiding Muddy Foxholes BY Jim Loveless
Poetry/Music Bittersweet BY Pablo Camacho
Poetry/Music Rooted and Winged BY Luanne Castle
Romance - Contemporary Hey Jude BY Kathleen Stone
Romance - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Extension BY Melody Kepler
Romance - Fantasy/Sci-Fi One Time or Another BY Ellen Ricciutti
Romance - Historical The Bitter End:A Love Story BY Elise Lapham
Romance - Suspense Raptor's Revenge BY Jim Malloy
Young Adult - Coming of Age May I Have Your Attention Please BY Debby Meltzer Quick
Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Daughter of the Sun BY Amanda Auler
Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi The Paradise Planets BY Shaun Barrowes
Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi War of the Sea BY Dana Claire
Young Adult - General BURNING BRIGHT BY Michele Kwasniewski
Young Adult - General TAILS BY Michael Curran

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