Winter's Best Books

The PenCraft Seasonal Book Awards, recognize excellence in creative writing. This year (2023) it honors 32 great books for adults and children. We are pleased to recognize these hard-working authors and their books and thank them for their inspiring stories and captivating writing styles.  This eclectic collection of 32 great books has been selected as the best of the season’s offerings, whether it be adult or children’s fiction, non-fiction, or other categories.  These winning books  features stories of courage, adventure, wonder and joy; boundless fantasy; thought-provoking literature; beautiful artistry; inspiring non-fiction titles – something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something to snuggle up with on a cold winter night, maybe a dark thriller or a lighthearted romance or a book to enlighten and challenge you, PenCraft’s Winter Book winners are sure to provide an enriching experience.  

The PenCraft Seasonal Awards were established to recognize exceptional work from authors, editors, illustrators and publishers around the world.  We are proud to present 32 great books that have surpassed PenCraft's selection criteria and earned them a Seasonal PenCraft Book Award.

Discover these award-winning titles now – PenCraft proudly presents the Winter winners of the PenCraft Seasonal Awards! Browse through these wonderful books and explore the possibilities for a great start to the new year.
Happy reading!   

Our 32 Best Book Winners for the 2023 Winter PenCraft Seasonal Book Awards

Children's Best Book Winners

By Auralee Arkinsly 

Best Book for Children - K-3rd - Fable Category

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By Christer Hägglund

Best Book for Children - Animals Books Category

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By Roben Currie

Best book for Children - Preschool Category

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By Minda Gomez

Best Book for Chrildren 4th to 6th Category

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By Muzna Kazin

Best Book for Children - Concept

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By dana Storino

Best Book for Children - Dealing With Emotions

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By eric Koester

Best Book for Children - Fantasy & Magic

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Our 7 Children Category winners


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