Welcome to the Madhouse (Maids of Maddington Series) - Overview

Welcome to the Madhouse (Maids of Maddington Series)

Author: Valerie Anne Hudson
Genre: Fiction - Historical
Publisher: ‎ Independently published
Date Published: May 2, 2022
ISBN-13: 979-8817969634


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About :   Welcome to the Madhouse (Maids of Maddington Series)

The only thing her friend is guilty of is falling in love with the wrong man.

When young Eliza first joins Maddington House, known locally as ‘The Madhouse,’ as an under housemaid in 1895, she finds herself alone in the world of the rich and privileged.
A world where everyone takes what they want and no one takes responsibility…

Enter Annie.

Kind, pretty, vivacious Annie. The housemaid everyone loves to be around. Eliza’s new friend and close confidante.

Annie’s beautiful aura and charming spirit are hard to resist, so it doesn’t come as a surprise when Edward Montague takes notice.

Edward, the only son of the house, is handsome, charismatic, and manipulative, but Annie doesn’t seem to see him for who he really is. Charmed by his relentless pursuit and bold promises, she falls in love with him hard…

Only to crash even harder.

Eliza knew right from the start that their secret meetings and love confessions would not end well, but she never expected her friend to end up on trial because of that man.

As hidden secrets, back-door deals, and scandalous love affairs unfold before the shocked circle of high society and her friend is accused of a horrible crime, Eliza must do what she knows is right: stand by Annie even if no one else is willing to.

After all, her friend is innocent.

It’s someone else that should be put on trial.

About Valerie Anne Hudson

After teaching for 25 years, Val is now retired and happy to spend her time writing. Ideas for stories are constantly running around in her head, which can be somewhat of an interference when she�s working at her other job: writing press releases for business owners. Based in Ontario, Canada, Val is a truly awful cook and a voracious reader. Find out more at valerieannehudson.com.

Visit https://valerieannehudson.com for more information on Valerie Anne Hudson


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