Life Giving Dementia Care - Overview

Life Giving Dementia Care

Author: Toni Kanzler
Genre: Non Fiction - Health - Medical
Publisher: Toni Kanzler Author
Date Published: December 7, 2020
ISBN-10: 1736179705
ISBN-13: 978-1736179703


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About :   Life Giving Dementia Care

What do you do first if someone you love gets a dementia diagnosis, and you’re their main caregiver? Where do you get help and what should you do first? Life Giving Dementia Care, an award-winning bestseller, shares how to be a confident, compassionate caregiver for your loved one and for yourself. It’s like chatting with a friend who has “been there and done that,” candidly sharing their own fears, pain, joys, and lessons learned as a caregiver. Part how-to, part memoir, this book shows you step-by-step what to expect and how to plan from early symptoms and diagnosis through estate settlement.

Sometimes poignant, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, Life-Giving Dementia Care will help you develop confidence, strengthen your compassion and lead you to find joy in this tough journey called Caregiving. With patience, understanding, and a dedicated support community...YOU CAN DO THIS!

About Toni Kanzler

Best-selling, award-winning author, Toni Kanzler, wears several hats: wife, mother, CPA, entrepreneur, private school administrator, non-profit volunteer, and board member. But it was her daughter hat that brought the privilege of being her mother�s caregiver. Caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer�s is really, really tough. But there can be so many opportunities to enjoy special times together. You just have to stay on your toes - expect the unexpected. Toni is passionate about helping others have greater confidence, less stress, and to experience joy in their caregiving journey. Watch for Toni�s future publications meant to encourage you to look beyond the obvious to see the truth that lives in the ordinary...and extraordinary.


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