Rooty the Rutabaga - Overview

Rooty the Rutabaga

Author: Steven Megson
Genre: Children - Preschool
Publisher: stevemegsonbooks
Date Published: January 28, 2022
ISBN-13: 978-1778012402


About :   Rooty the Rutabaga

Nobody knows what kind of veggie he is. But will kindness help him find his place in the sun?

Rooty feels sad. Hearing the other vegetables laugh and play without him, the strange little rutabaga longs to be included. So when their catch-and-throw game tosses a nut his way, the lonely plant seizes his chance to meet new friends.

Confused at first by the curious pair of peppers who come across to retrieve their toy, Rooty accepts their invitation to join in the fun. But feeling awkward among the popular carrots and terrific tomatoes, he worries he doesn’t belong.

Can he shake off his nerves and find a wonderful patch of pals?

Rooty the Rutabaga is the first tale in the Rooty the Rutabaga children’s book series, suitable for ages 3-8 and can be read as a standalone.

About Steven Megson

Steven Megson is a children's book author who lives in Newmarket, Canada with his wife and daughter. When he is not busy working on his next writing adventure, he enjoys reading, watching movies with his family and building very large pillow forts.

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