Creepy Project - Overview

Creepy Project

Author: Scott Donnelly
Genre: Fiction - Horror
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: June 1, 2022
ISBN-13: 979-8834846116


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About :   Creepy Project

Creating an original Creepypasta can be fun, thrilling…and deadly.

That’s exactly what is about to befall a group of five high school students. Maeve Crawford invites the group to her home for a night of pizza and creepy stories. The class assignment is simple: create an original Creepypasta. As each of them pitches their spooky ideas to one another, a storm rolls in. The thunder is deafening and the lightning is fierce.

And then, someone dies.

A mysterious prowler has crashed the party; someone wearing an unsettling mask, ripped straight from the roots of Maeve’s Creepypasta pitch. Does the homicidal stalker lurking out in the storm have an axe to grind? Or is it possible that there might be more truth to Maeve’s Creepypasta than they realize?

About Scott Donnelly

Scott Donnelly is an indie author based in Grove City, Ohio. He writes in numerous genres, but mostly lives within the realm of horror. Some of his many titles include, CREEPY PROJECT, MOTHMAN: RETURN TO POINT PLEASANT, THE WHOOL, THE FIVE DEVILS, OF A MAD BRAIN, KILLER SCARECROW & CHEATER, CHEATER (soon to be an independent horror film from writer/director Del Kary). He has also contributed short stories to the ELEMENTS OF HORROR (2019) series as well as TALES OF THE WEIRD AND STRANGE (2020), and the award-winning PULP REALITY (2021) series.

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