God Made It All - Overview

God Made It All

Author: Ruthie Godfrey
Genre: Christian - Fiction
Publisher: Ruth Godfrey
Date Published: November 8, 2021
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9781952402364


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About :   God Made It All

From the fuzziest donkey to the slimiest toad? God made it all! Take a journey through the world of opposites to explore how creative our God is and relish in the uniqueness of His creation. Soak in the beautiful artwork and consider His creativity. This children's book is a masterpiece as unique as they come. From award-winning author, this book has been described as having "all the hallmarks of a future Christian classic!"

About Ruthie Godfrey

Ruthie Godfrey is an elementary educator and author, dedicated to sharing important themes and truths about life in a beautiful and relatable way for children (and the young-at-heart). When she is not busy at school and in the classroom, Ruthie writes children's books to both entertain and teach kids. Her books often touch on themes of growth mindset, effort, progress, perseverance, friendship, and typical school struggles. Her "Grandpa's Lessons" series offers rich life-lessons to learn from everyday activities. Ruthie has always been an avid reader. She has also dabbled in writing throughout her life. She loves to teach writing to her students, as she sees that writing reveals personality, thoughts, ideas, and heart. She is grateful for the opportunity to share virtues and love through stories, like a ray of light in a world that can feel a little bit dark at times. She wants children to feel heard, seen, and understood. Ruthie also loves to support educators with her writing lessons and book recommendations. Many years of training and experience has led her to developing effective, engaging instructional materials. She has writing activities to accompany her own books, as well as many other popular books.

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