Moving Willie - Overview

Moving Willie

Author: Raymond Tatten
Genre: Children - Preteen
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: December 1, 2020
ISBN-10: 9798578351235


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About :   Moving Willie

In 1957, nine-year-old Willie Tatten is transplanted to an apartment in the rough city of Lowell where he learns valuable lessons that will serve him well. But then the family moves him again, this time to his father's remote farm hidden in the thick woods of Central Massachusetts where more serious challenges, including isolation, loneliness, compassion and grief force Willie to mature faster than he could have imagined. Based on the author's own experiences, "Moving Willie" portrays childhood freedom today's young will envy, but grandparents will recall and make a place on the bookshelf alongside "Tom Sawyer" and "Old Yeller."

About Raymond Tatten

E. Raymond Tatten is a life-long Yankee living in the beautiful apple country of Central Massachusetts. His essays and articles have appeared in many local publications, and some selected works can be heard on his YouTube channel, Edward Tatten YouTube. Tatten shares a home on Rowley Hill, Sterling, Massachusetts with his wife Linda, daughter KT and a five-pound female Yorkie named Dani Dog.

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