Octopus Dave Farts a Heart - Overview

Octopus Dave Farts a Heart

Author: Noelani Putirka
Genre: Children - K-3rd - General
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: October 15, 2021
ISBN-13: 9798497645583


About :   Octopus Dave Farts a Heart

Octopus Dave yearns for a friend, but he can’t seem to stop scaring the fish away. Being an octopus is tough when everyone thinks you want to eat them. He has another problem, too—unstoppable heart farts! Just when it all seems hopeless, he runs into another lonely creature, Starfish Sink, who has some quirks of his own. And when Octopus Dave puts aside his own judgments, they form an unlikely friendship full of joy.

A laugh-out-loud story with plenty of heart and charm, Octopus Dave Farts a Heart is perfect for encouraging children to be who they are and to be open to others that are different.

About Noelani Putirka

Noelani Putirka is a school counselor and children�s picture book author who loves to share her values of peace, love, and kindness. She believes heartfelt picture books teach wonderful life lessons, bring a much-needed pause to busy days, and allow parents and children to connect together in deep and meaningful ways. When she is not teaching, counseling, or writing, she spends time with her husband in the mountains, beach, and local gardens.

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