Author: Natalie Grand
Genre: Graphic Novel/Comic
Publisher: Comic Book Historians
Date Published: March 15, 2022
ISBN-10: 978-1736764794



I wanted to recommend my brand new released graphic novel CULT GIRLS, by Natalie Grand to your book reviewer because there is countless women and children are being shunned around the world and locally. Children’s education are being hindered and are being used for religions recruiting/ peddling, this book is based on a true story and brings awareness to the policies the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses is hiding and the empowerment of people in general. It has been recognized in Cult News 101 article as well.

ISBN # 978-1736764794
THE FIRST GRAPHIC NOVEL FOR ANY OF THE ANTI-CULT COMMUNITIES and the best part it is a comedic, beautifully illustrated story about woman.
Four women are each on a different path to fade, each with different individual desires, passions and dreams. It is a light hearted story, but also an educational light the shunning, harsh policies, but more than that the suppression of women in the Jehovah’s Witness religion. Topics of homosexuality, racism and educational adversions are woven through the scenes and how the women reinvent and learn to use their voice and also channel the tools they learned for a better world.

Jehovah’s Witness females are not allowed to read anything that goes against the grain of their religion, the hope with this comic style is youths would read and feel not alone in their thoughts and see the big picture that countless others were raised and treated the same as them and to provide hope with a little healing comedy.

My new published comedic, based on a true story graphic novel just released titled CULT GIRLS

About Natalie Grand

"I am the creator of the first graphic novel titled �CULT GIRLS� for the anti-cult community, which happens to be based on the 'vanilla version' of the life of my friends and I leaving the harsh Jehovah�s Witness religion. I am third and fourth generation Jehovah�s Witness on both sides of my family, and I was one of the first to have the courage to break the dysfunctional cycle many of us are living or was once born into . . . I was born and married at a young age in the JW faith, after many years of seeing countless struggling good women being treated so poorly by their family and once close friends, that I felt the need for a healing, comedic, educational experience of a day in the life of 4 typical young females raised and married in the JW faith. The book depicts the typical wacky upbringing of the JW marriage culture and common incidents to us who were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses. Some of the scenarios of what it is like being divorced as a JW, married to an elder, the money and educational views and so on . . . to list only a few. It touches topics such as smoking, abortion, birth control, JW's female prejudices, homosexuality, molestation, and the unfair male dominated judicial system. Other topics are the 'recruiting and love bombing process' and the parental 'conditional love' that sadly most young ladies experience in this suppressive and strict religious environment. I also felt this book was something that mainstream people with no prior knowledge of JWs and similar religions should educate themselves of what is really behind the veil of these door knocking people. These individuals try recruiting you or family members with door knocks, phone calls, mailed letters and JW carts at places of businesses you use. My book, "Cult Girls" really didn�t address the very dark realities that I personally witnessed and experienced in the cult, but I wanted a light fun read to help young females that are sitting on the fence -- to have the courage to JUMP OFF THE FENCE and not feel alone or scared. I understand their desire for not wanting to be placed in the same box with every other woman in this ROBOTIC CULT that advises women to strip their personalities and 'deaden their body members'. The beauty of life is that we are all at different stages; and have individual personalities, passions, desires and dreams. This is all presented in this full color graphic novel with the woven tales of Talia and her dear friends. That is why I feel cults are bad, we are all different and we should learn to trust ourselves (because when there is danger, we should listen to our body and RUN) and be able to explore our individual desires and purpose in this lifetime of ours. The journey is not always an easy one to start and it can even be emotionally overwhelming at times, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Each one of us are special and we can have a fulfilling adventure in this lifetime and start to heal from the past. I want to give special recognition to the countless females that overcame extreme sexual, mental and/or psychological abuse while affiliated with the Jehovah's Witness religion. I greatly appreciate their courageous voices and their unselfish passion to assist and to encourage other women. Also noble are those educating the world and licensed professionals, teaching them to recognize the unique signs of maltreatment of the children and women who are suffering in silence, and to make the world a better place. I love the post-cult community and I want all women to succeed with the visions they foresee for themselves, and the happiness they were meant to have." - Natalie Grand

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