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Spirit Calling, Listening to God within You. Daily Devotional, written by author Rev. Michael Wuehler is a 365-day devotional with inspiring lessons for every day of the year based on different passages from the Bible. The short, daily entries tackle a single principle at a time and can help make learning the wisdom derived from the Bible easier. As a Christian, reading a daily devotional is among the best ways to start or end your day. Rev. Wuehler made each one of his 365 entries at manageable lengths to make them an accessible way for the reader to get a daily Bible lesson. Daily reading devotionals, especially during the first moment of your waking hours, gives you direction and helps you have the right mindset as you go through a hectic 24 hours of your life. When I was reviewing Spirit Calling, I jumped to the day of my birth to see what profound lesson was offered for that day.   While most people attempt to start reading devotionals on the first day of the year, you can grab Rev. Wuehler Devotional on whatever day you are currently in and start working on the fundamentals of Christian life, the Bible, prayer, and serving others.

Michael Wuehler entered into his spiritual calling as a very young man purchasing his first Bible with books of green stamps. Reading the Bible fascinated him and was his start on the path to becoming a pastor. In reading his “Welcome Statement,” it is obvious that he feels the most essential aspect of Christianity is the relationship we maintain with God and the surrounding influence and qualities produced by that relationship.

Rev. Wuehler’s devotional solves the problem we all face of taking time each day to read and develop spiritually. It isn’t exactly an easy commitment to keep with the busyness of job, family, church involvement, and possibly even a social life, but that is what makes well-written devotionals so great – and Rev. Wuehler’s Spirit Calling is just the answer to this dilemma. His devotionals are written for a modern audience, providing a daily dose of spiritual wisdom condensed to an easy single-page read.

Rev. Wuehler unlocks the wisdom within the words of the Bible and guides readers toward a better understanding of what it means to live a moral life. Spirit Calling is a source of inspiration and even comfort that readers can turn to every day to cultivate a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God.  A daily devotional’s goal is to encourage and help us draw closer to God - Spirit Calling does just that.

About Michael Wuehler

I am a retired United Methodist Minister, Hospice Chaplain, and grief counselor. I live in Rochester, Minnesota. I specialize in Chrisitan devotionals. Spirit Calling was written to complete the third person of the Trinity with God Calling and Jesus Calling. I also write children's books. I wrote a book in honor of each of my six grandchildren. I used their unique personalities and interests to write a fiction book in which they are the main characters. Look for Amelia and the Lonely Llama, Gracie and the Perfect Painting, Alice and the Soccer Star, Binnie and the Glitter Guitar, Addy and the Unexpected Unicorn, and Jasper and the Junkyard Giant.


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