The Journey Home: Portraits of Healing - Overview

The Journey Home: Portraits of Healing

Author: Michael Rost
Genre: Non Fiction - Grief
Publisher: iUniverse
Date Published: June 9, 2021
ISBN-10: 1-6632-2295-4


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About :   The Journey Home: Portraits of Healing

Through 35 engaging vignettes depicting a son's relationship with his parents during their final year of life, The Journey Home leads the reader on an amazing pilgrimage of discovery and healing. Starting with the onset of his mother's Alzheimer's and proceeding through the eventual admission of both his parents to nursing homes, The Journey Home explores the complex and intimate process of evolving relationship in the final passage of life. Immersing the reader in the experience of caring for someone facing physical decline and dementia, this narrative offers encouragement for all caregivers of the elderly. Told with warmth and humor, each vignette invites the reader to understand the bittersweet emotions that are part of grieving and healing. Through making honest connections with the past and present, the journey narrative demonstrates how life-altering challenges can be faced with openness, dignity, and grace.

About Michael Rost

Michael Rost is a renowned American linguist, specializing in psycholinguistics, language acquisition, and language loss in dementia.

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