The Blackest Blue - Overview

The Blackest Blue

Author: Luna Wright
Genre: Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: July 1, 2022
ISBN-13: 979-8835956524


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About :   The Blackest Blue

After Kai is taken up the hill as punishment for his curiosity, eight-year-old Sy learns an ultimate, unspeakable truth: her goddess Rem is not all-powerful, and may not even be real at all.

Spurred onward by this forbidden knowledge, Sy, now twenty, joins the order of Rem as a fledgling priestess, hoping to uncover the truth about her restrictive settlement. Rem controls every aspect of life, from production of children to daily tasks, forbidding her followers from close relationships and enforcing her will by manipulating their senses if they disobey. Sy will have to tread carefully around the mysterious high priestess Laila, who governs Sy's settlement with an iron fist, relying on her friendships with fellow fledgling Estella, brawny miner Ez, the sourpuss priestess Solita from the mining compound, and sharp-witted watcher Pax to aid her with her mission. Only Rem knows what Sy might find on the other side of the door at the top of the temple...

Sy's journey to escape her reality is only just beginning - will you join her on her quest?

About Luna Wright

Luna Wright has been writing since she was a child, beginning with short stories she dictated to her dad before she could hold a pen, and culminating in this five-book series that explores society from a new perspective. Luna studied social and cultural psychology at Columbia University, with an emphasis on implicit bias. Located in New York City, Luna is constantly inspired by the culture and movement of the urban environment and its contrast to her suburban upbringing. An avid cat person, Luna has three Siamese cats who keep her company as she writes. When not writing, she can be found curled up under her Kotatsu table, watching anime or reading manga.

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