We Walk Through the Forest - Overview

We Walk Through the Forest

Author: Lisa Ferland
Genre: Children - Preschool
Publisher: Lisa Ferland
Date Published: August 25, 2020
ISBN-10: 9198580507
ISBN-13: 978-9198580501


About :   We Walk Through the Forest

The magic of the forest is calling and it sounds like birds singing and twigs snapping underfoot. What is that up ahead? Is it a butterfly or another animal behind that tree? We Walk Through the Forest follows a spirited young girl and her playful pup as they create wondrous adventures together in the great outdoors.

Imaginations run wild as they walk, hop, and sing through the forest. Just how many woodland creatures will they encounter?

About Lisa Ferland

Lisa Ferland enjoys spending her days picking blueberries with her children and husband in the Swedish forests, visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and splashing around in the Baltic Sea. To learn more or say hello, visit lisaferland.com

Visit https://lisaferland.com/forest for more information on Lisa Ferland


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