Little Miss Linda Speaks about Rape - Overview

Little Miss Linda Speaks about Rape

Author: Linda Holloway
Genre: Children - 4th-6th
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-13: 979-8578026355


About :   Little Miss Linda Speaks about Rape

Rape is an extremely difficult topic to discuss with young children; however, it is a necessary conversation we must have. This book allows parents, teachers, counselors, administrators and those who work with children to create a responsible and safe space to talk about rape. The “Me Too Movement” is not just about adults but it is a conversation for children too. Statistics have shown that every nine minutes 1 in 9 girls and 1 and 53 boys will be sexually assaulted. We can no longer wait! The time is now to have this conversation. Little Miss Linda, as a rape survivor, learns to use her voice to express thoughts about rape, but not from feeling, out of “shame or guilt.” Instead, she develops a letter writing campaign to let other children know that rape is not the victim’s fault. Little Miss Linda creates a community outreach program called “STAR” (Survivors Talking About Rape). She encourages other to not sit still but lift up their voices and be silent no more. Join the campaign against rape so we can “STAR” together.
Please be advised that this book is best suited for those ages 12+. It contains themes around sexual assault/violence. This book may also provoke psychological distress; thus, ensure that the proper resources and contacts are available should they be necessary.

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