Castles in the Rain - Overview

Castles in the Rain

Author: Linda Heavner Gerald
Genre: Fiction - Cultural
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: April 3, 2022
ISBN-13: ? 979-8779488549


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About :   Castles in the Rain

The gripping saga of family life inside a Scottish castle continues with this third sequel to the Alladale Series. Castles in the Rain begins with the arrival of two new Reid family members, Carter and Cade, who are fresh out of law school at the College of Charleston. They arrive with?new staff members, but the remaining trauma from the loss of Malcolm and Molly Dargie hangs over them all. Nevertheless, these two young men stand innocently before the haughty manor, dreaming of their futures.
Quickly, the men attain their plans of meeting the women of their dreams. Next, each?goal is to start a family, but that aspiration meets with tragedy. How quickly their idyllic life shatters into fine pieces of horror. Not only are their futures dimmed, but that of their staff at Alladale. Still, the brothers remain hopeful they can end the earlier threats from disgruntled villagers, threatening their survival.
Life for them is not easy, but dreams are hard to die as the brothers Reid struggle to find answers to the nasty threats that float around the village and the constant threat of death. Soon, their dilemma spirals out of control.
A story of life radiates the good and the bad inside this action-packed "who-dun-it" story. When the doors of Alladale close again, the tale will continue with a final sequel to the saga of the Reid family from Charleston, SC, whose dream of taming the harsh environment of Scotland and securing their goals of introducing various extinct species of wildlife hangs by a thread.

About Linda Heavner Gerald

Award-winning author, Linda Heavner Gerald, has penned eighteen novels and won countless awards. She lives on the Forgotten Coast of Florida with her husband of twenty-six years and their yellow cat, Jackson Brownie. She believes that a "great read" is more than a good story. It should change lives. That is her goal as she shares current medical events due to her background in medicine. She also transports readers to sites she has visited in her worldwide travels.

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