The Playlist Diaries Book 1 - Overview

The Playlist Diaries Book 1

Author: Kiersten Schiffer
Genre: Young Adult - Coming of Age
Publisher: Sweet Light Press
Date Published: August 1, 2022
ISBN-10: 979-8-9857701-1


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About :   The Playlist Diaries Book 1

She’s running from her mom’s scandalous relationship.
But will she end up in one of her own?

Indiana 1981 15-year-old Red’s life is in shambles.

Her mom came out as a lesbian, her dad has just died from cancer, and the beloved farm she grew up on has been sold. And if that weren’t bad enough, now she’s forced to befriend the bully harassing her at school or else… well, she really doesn’t want to think about what comes after that “or else” part.

But a headlight of hope shines through her troubles one night when handsome college student Will Calder drives into her life.

The former high school basketball star (oddly obsessed with The Rolling Stones), intrigues Red. She’s thrilled when Will invites her to join him cruising the back roads every weekend as he teaches her his life lessons through the music of the Stones.
Even though he’s way too old for her and already has a girlfriend, Red can’t help but dream of becoming more than just friends with Will. Yet the more time they spend alone together, the closer they become. So close that Red begins to wonder if Will really is as off-limits as she once thought he was.

About Kiersten Schiffer

Kiersten Schiffer grew up in the farmlands of Indiana and now lives in Connecticut with her husband and boxer dog, Sable. After years of working at summer camp, Kiersten earned a degree in Outdoor Recreation from Indiana University and later put all her song-singing, game-playing, nature-hiking skills toward raising her 4, now grown children, as well as making her grandson, Finn laugh. She is addicted to stories in every form: books, TV, movies, and enjoys blogging about creativity and spirituality and how the two intersect. If she�s not at her writing desk, you can usually find her burrowing down the rabbit hole that has currently snatched her attention.

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