I Remember - Overview

I Remember

Author: Kevin O'Connell
Genre: Children - Concept
Publisher: Blue Ocean LLC
Date Published: June 16, 2022
ISBN-13: 979-8986424705


About :   I Remember

"I Remember" celebrates the ever-lasting love a mother has for her child and recounts moments like, "I remember when I first found out about you, I jumped high enough to almost touch the stars." Mom shares her joyous memories of those early months when, "I felt the whisper of a butterfly waving its little wings at me to let me know that you were here. Soon thousands of beautiful butterflies with brightly colored wings followed me wherever I went."

This beautifully illustrated and uplifting book shares a simple message of unconditional love and devotion that will last an eternity. "I Remember" is the perfect gift when you simply want to say, I Love You!" ??

About Kevin O'Connell

Kevin O'Connell is an American author of children's picture books and soon to come middle grade fiction. With a Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Buffalo and a Master of Fine Arts from Ohio University, Kevin's creativity is focused on fun, uplifting stories that might make you laugh and cry all at once. Kevin believes that the glass is "half-full" and that all things are possible when you believe in yourself and others. Kevin lives with his wife Kim and kids Braeden, Maggie, Tommy and his dog "Hope", in West Chester, PA.

Visit https://www.kevinoconnellarts.com/ for more information on Kevin O'Connell


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