Be Held by Him Companion Journal - Overview

Be Held by Him Companion Journal

Author: Karen Brough
Genre: Christian - Devotion/Study
Publisher: Independently Published
Date Published: September 3, 2021
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9780645151527


About :   Be Held by Him Companion Journal

Do you long to walk with God and hear his voice but don't know how?
Are you struggling to know the next step when life has knocked you off your feet?
I had these same questions as I walked my journey through mystery illness. I've learned that God is constantly speaking life to our situations. Our only job is to draw near and keep watch for what He is communicating.

Let Him come alongside you and show you the way forward, whatever you are walking through. As you engage with this journal, you will be:
- Tended to and encouraged by Him.
- Affirmed and validated in your own unique design and personality.
- Given practical helps and have seeds of hope planted and developed through connection with God.
- Able to rise above anything that comes 'at' you, by learning how to draw near to Him.
- Inspired by creative and fresh ways to connect with and partner with God.

No mere journal, this devotional book aims to give practical helps, guidance, and wisdom in 'how' to walk with God, especially when life knocks you off your feet.

Karen's journal is for everyone who has ever struggled to find God in the midst of pain and hardship. For those who cry out "Yes but HOW?" Julie J

Karen's book is like a friend, holding your hand and leading you to sweet communion with your heavenly Father. Anna H

This is not a "self-help" book - this is a "God-help" book. Sue O

These are extremely important books. They deal with one of the big questions in life: how do I deal with my pain? Karen's books will be the voice of a treasured friend that helps you through. Debbie L

About Karen Brough

Karen Brough is an Australian wife, mother, and former Primary School Teacher & has always had a passion for writing. She is the author of the 'Be Held by Him' series- Finding God When Life Knocks You Off Your Feet. Ten years ago, when hit by a mystery illness, Karen began sharing the hope, miracles, and God's adventures given her during this time - through her writing. She loves her family, the beach, looking for the fun of life, puzzles, sushi, and baking. She also enjoys the challenge of hiding vegetables in baked goods for her family—much to her children's disgust.

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