Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus - Overview

Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus

Author: Jonathan Dean
Genre: Christian - Non Fiction
Publisher: Jonathan Dean
Date Published: July 1, 2022
ISBN-13: 978-1-7782504-0-8


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About :   Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus

What did Jesus do?
What did Jesus say?
Who was Jesus?
Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus is the highly acclaimed and award-winning definitive statement concerning Jesus of Nazareth, history's most compelling figure. The single most important book about the Historical Jesus in the last 30 years, more comprehensive than Josh McDowell’s Evidence That Demands a Verdict and more powerful than C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity.
However, even today, there is still general confusion surrounding Jesus:
Was (Is) Jesus God?
Did Jesus even exist?
Did he rise from the dead?
What are we to make of the miracles?
Is he Peter's Jesus or Paul's Christ? Or both?
Is there evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?
Should we still believe? If so, believe what?

What does ALL the evidence point to?
Salt & Light does not shy away from addressing these and other tough questions. For the first time ever, after years of research using the complete body of early Christian literature and recent modern scholarship, including new and exciting discoveries in many areas such as early manuscripts, science, New Testament studies, archaeology, and history, the real Jesus emerges. Dean offers an eminently readable yet powerful portrait of the authentic Jesus full of astonishing facts for both believers and sceptics alike. So come along for an utterly fascinating journey and meet the historical Jesus, learn about his mission, and discover his teaching!
Compelling  •  Authentic  •  Complete

About Jonathan Dean

Jonathan Geoffrey Dean is a New Testament scholar, researcher, award-winning author, political leader and thought leader. Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus is his reaction to Jesus. He is a partner in an investment advisory firm and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, with his wife Lynn and new puppy Sprout.

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