Keeping to Himself - Overview

Keeping to Himself

Author: John Carenen
Genre: Fiction - Southern
Publisher: Koehler Books
Date Published: June 22, 2012
ISBN-10: 978-1-64663-396


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About :   Keeping to Himself

Deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, Whit Coombs seeks peace, quiet, and healing. Scarred spiritually by the death of his wife, who died cursing him for not euthanizing her, and physically from an IED in Iraq, he just wants a simple life in his cabin by a lake, miles from a hard road. Then, on a nighttime hike, he witnesses a grisly murder and finds himself with a dilemma:  report the crime and lose his privacy - and maybe his life - or let the killers get away with it. As the killers and the attractive female sheriff get closer to discovering what he saw, he realizes that maybe Keeping to Himself won't give him the peace he needs.

About John Carenen

John Carenen, an Iowa native and graduate of the prestigious Iowa Writers Workshop, is a writer with a keen eye for both serious and humorous work. His by-line columns in the Morganton (NC) News-Herald and the Clinton (SC) Chronicle established his reputation for self-effacing humor, with one column reprinted in Reader's Digest. Among other RD credits is "Shagger!" which won a First Person Award. The National Institute of Mental Health published Son-up, Son-down, his novelized treatment of a successful group home approach, the Teaching-Family Model. He has been a panelist several times over at Killer Nashville Conferences, including a Claymore Award at the 2019 conference. He ha also published pieces in several national periodicals, and his Thomas O'Shea trilogy drew accolades from established authors. Ron Rash, Wendy Tyson, and William Kent Krueger, among others, have praised his work.

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