Business Management and Leadership Strategies in the Competitive Market - Overview

Business Management and Leadership Strategies in the Competitive Market

Author: Jameel Ahmed
Genre: Non Fiction - Business/Finance
Publisher: Paramount Publisher
Date Published: April 2, 2021
ISBN-10: 1801281807
ISBN-13: 978-1801281805


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About :   Business Management and Leadership Strategies in the Competitive Market

This book will help guide professionals and new entrepreneurs from business areas and other enterprising young career seekers to learn about the modern business concepts and best practices from Jameel's 21 years of industry expertise. He hopes his book will be a reference guide for college and university students who are looking to pursue their schooling. Being passionate about developing ideas from a business background professional, entrepreneur, and business leader from a diverse background, Jameel Ahmed showcase's his hard work and effort behind this book via his leadership skills and theories to conceptualize industry ideas into practical business management.

About Jameel Ahmed

Jameel Ahmed is an entrepreneur, innovator, mentor, and author born and raised in the UAE, he completed his high school and pursued management studies in India alongside a flourishing career in the supply chain. He is the founder and CEO of ZERCO International, USA, and its affiliated companies with operations spread out globally. With 22 years of international business expertise, he brings a diverse gamut of experiences to the table accrued from his various operations and leadership roles with Global O&G and Services companies. Apart from being actively involved with community services, he also became a vital mentor for the Catholic Charities, USA, as he supported the refugee population arriving in the US for their settlement. Jameel travelled around 28 countries worldwide for business operations. Jameel wears several hats and obtained many awards. Jameel was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in Advanced Studies in Business Administration from University in Mexico, for his outstanding business, academic and social contributions, and importance at national and international levels. Jameel has earned MBA, major in Finance Planning and Strategic Management from the University of Wolverhampton. Besides, he holds Bachelors in Business Administration, a PG in Strategic Management and Leadership and certifications in SCM and Lean Six Sigma. Additionally, he is also pursuing his Ph.D. in Management, engaged in writing publications and journals for academic purposes, and excelling in the research peripherals. He represents several cultural and professional groups from worldwide organizations to keep up with his creativity and ideas. Jameel is a passionate leader who finds opportunities to develop businesses around the world and create jobs in the market. He enjoys travelling and meeting people, new cultures and loves connecting with his friends and family.


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