General Jack and the Battle of the Five Kingdoms - Overview

General Jack and the Battle of the Five Kingdoms

Author: David Bush
Genre: Christian - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: May 8, 2022
ISBN-13: 979-8820907975


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About :   General Jack and the Battle of the Five Kingdoms

Not all was bright in the Garden of Eden until a mysterious sixteen-year-old traveler, Jack, arrives to shake up the animal world with the help of a neurotic cat, Miaow, universally despised because of his cowardice and duplicity. Miaow finds himself unwittingly drawn into leading an improbable uprising against King Roar and the fierce feline overlords' a conflict that can free or doom his world forever. The odds of victory are unfavorable because the clueless cat is racked by doubts and insecurities, accustomed to being taunted and bullied by his aggressive peers. Besides, the constant bungling by his equally unwise but oppressed "allies" undermines the stuttering resistance campaign because of their ingrained unreliability, impetuousness, and treachery. But, in this primordially wild upside-down world where interracial tensions reign and only the strong survive, nothing is what it seems. 

About David Bush

David Bush is a medical doctor specialized in haematology. He was born in Malta but left for the U.K. at a young age. He returned to his first home in 2003, where he still practises hospital medicine. In addition, he is the co-founder of a support group for patients with blood cancers. Since he gave up his private practice, he has had more time to spend with the family. He enjoys reading, swimming, travelling, and doing any type of D.I.Y. job. Most of all, though, he cherishes the time he spends with his young great-nephews Jack and Luke. He has published a medical book, and many papers in international peer-reviewed medical journals. He also writes analytical opinion articles for a satirical political blog. “General Jack and the Battle of the Five Kingdoms” is his debut novel.


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