Wild Salvation - Overview

Wild Salvation

Author: Craig Banning
Genre: Fiction - Adventure
Publisher: TwoDot
Date Published: February 1, 2022
ISBN-10: 149306424X
ISBN-13: 978-1493064243


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About :   Wild Salvation

Johnson is accused of assaulting a white woman, a deadly charge for a black man in 1876. Knowing he’ll be lynched if he stays in St. Andrews, Indiana, Johnson flees to the grassy plains of Kansas looking for the freedom unavailable to him back East. What Johnson doesn’t know is that the woman’s father is a powerful businessman determined to track him down. For a man on the run, the West seems like the perfect place for someone withdrawn like Johnson to become a new person, until a top Pinkerton agent named Cole Charles comes into town hunting outlaws.

When Cole Charles discovers Johnson is a wanted man, Johnson has no choice but to flee again. This time he escapes to Fort Worth, Texas, where he meets a rowdy woman named Eddie who is quick with a joke and even quicker with her pistol. Despite his lack of experience, Eddie hires Johnson to be a wrangler on a cattle drive made up of other black cowboys headed to Wyoming. With Cole Charles on his trail, the cattle drive will take Johnson further than he ever imagined and force him to confront his greatest fear when he comes face to face with Cole Charles himself.

About Craig Banning

Alfred Stifsim graduated from IUPUI (Indianapolis, 2014) with a bachelor's in American History and worked as an interpretive naturalist for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources before becoming an electrician with IBEW Local Union 481.

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