Sanctuary (The Dark Days Series Book Two) - Overview

Sanctuary (The Dark Days Series Book Two)

Author: Christopher Cole
Genre: Fiction - Science Fiction
Publisher: Kingston Publishing Company
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1645332608
ISBN-13: 978-1645332602


About :   Sanctuary (The Dark Days Series Book Two)

In the midst of looking for sanctuary in the badlands, Sonny and his friends make it to Fort Gold Rush. A militarized city providing protection from the zombies and predators beyond its walls.

However, the military leaders recognize the city’s safety as a sanctuary is only temporary unless they train the next generation of defenders. It’s there that Sonny is introduced to Grim, an unlikely anti-hero who becomes the singularly most important influence in Sonny’s life. As he and his friends adapt to their new life, they are conscripted to train rigorously as the city’s soldiers and defenders in competing units.

This second installment in the Dark Days series shows there are significantly more lessons awaiting Sonny and his friends than just learning to be lethal fighters.

About Christopher Cole

I was born in Seattle, but raised in North Carolina since I was eight. I started work on the novel when I was nineteen while living in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The novel developed into a series as I continued to develop the plotlines and characters. When not writing, I work as a welder in the Raleigh, NC area. I'm a welder and a writer, because I love working with my hands and creating a story. Writing is a lost art that I enjoy. The ideas I come up with are found when I found myself enjoying the beauty of this world like long walks on the beach or watching the sun set. I'm very new to being a published author. I care deeply about plot and characters which I believe are what make a story great.

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