To the Monsters of My Past - Overview

To the Monsters of My Past

Author: Cameron Crews
Genre: Non Fiction - Drama
Publisher: Xlibris Corp
Date Published: November 19, 2020
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9781664128422


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About :   To the Monsters of My Past

This book is a young girl's heartbreak diary. Written over the course of five years, it marks the life-altering circumstances that led Crews to find solace through writing. By publishing this work, she hopes to give words to emotions and experiences others have been through yet often go undiscussed. "To The Monsters of My Past" is a story, told in verse, of the struggles, heartbreaks, losses, and triumphs that Crews comes to appreciate as she moves on by leaving her pain on the page.

About Cameron Crews

Cameron Crews is a young adult currently living in Los Angeles. Originally from Texas, she traveled to Scotland to earn her bachelor�s degree in Art history and Modern History at the University of St. Andrews. Since childhood, she has used the thrill of life to inform her deeply personal and emotional writing style. After a summer course at the University of Cambridge, Crews decided writing was more than a hobby and was something she wanted to pursue on a larger scale. This book is her first published work. You can find more writing and contact information at

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