Jihadi Bride - Overview

Jihadi Bride

Author: Alastair Luft
Genre: Fiction - Thriller - Terrorist
Date Published: August 28, 2019
ISBN-10: 1684333393
ISBN-13: 978-1684333394


About :   Jihadi Bride

Set in 2015, Jihadi Bride by Alastair Luft is a terrifying contemporary novel that is spell-binding in its portrayal of terroristic activities. This crime fiction takes place in Canada and the Middle East, but the setting could just as easily be in the United States. The prologue captures the reader with intrigue, as the author explores the power of family love through physical and emotional drama.

The compelling plot grabs the reader in Chapter One. Tension builds as Erik Petersson’s profession as an RCMP intelligence officer conflicts with his young adult daughter’s conversion to Islam. Arielle is convinced that women’s rights and place in the Islamic community are better than her life as a college student in Canada. Her search for purpose, as told in her voice, leads to Syria where nothing is at is seemed and service to God has so many contradictions.

Erik relates his struggle to find and rescue his daughter, knowing that his work to identify radicalized high-risk travelers involves terrorists and terroristic activities that may now threaten his daughter. Counterintelligence, political, and personal conflict advance the frightening plot. Erik investigates the financing and propaganda that proselytizing individuals used to recruit young people into radicalization.

Arielle soon recognizes her disillusion through a forced marriage. To consummate a forced marriage is a duty to Allah. Arielle is exposed to a maelstrom of politics, violence, and religion. She is told that women “were created to enforce female morality, but have expanded into propaganda, social media, and now recruiting,” which is what she will be forced to do. The gripping savagery and violent executions Arielle is forced to watch increase the emotional drama of the plot. Her inner strength is tested to the breaking point.

Erik’s search for his daughter and his involvement concerning national security investigations and politically sensitive suspects create a firestorm both in Canada and the Middle East. The resolution of the increasing conflict will intrigue the reader.

The author’s research and knowledge of terrorism and the Syrian Caliphate lends credibility to the novel as does his inclusion of many Arabic words. A scene has Arielle dressed in a burqa traveling in the back of a car ‘as it alternated between furious dashes from safe house to safe house and lengthy stops when the driver waited for a phone call before proceeding. … the signs of war always dragged her back to reality.”

The novel is reminiscent of the 1991 docudrama “Not Without My Daughter” in which an American mother is forced to secretly flee the harsh treatment of women in Iran. This action-packed novel can be visualized as a movie. A spine-chilling suspense, Jihadi Bride should be a “must-read” for older high school and college-aged young people.


About Alastair Luft

Alastair Luft writes out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Alastair's first book, The Battle Within, was published in 2017. His second novel, Jihadi Bride, comes out on 29 Aug 2019. A graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada, and a 20-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, Alastair is also an accomplished speaker who has presented on how violence begets violence, and the importance of discovering one's passion.


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