Suchi Sairam

About the author:

SUCHI SAIRAM is an Indian-Texan-Minnesotan-American with her feet firmly and proudly planted in multiple cultures and identities. She is equally an engineer and artist, leader and entrepreneur, student and teacher. Suchi's 35+ year journey in the Indian classical arts as a student, teacher, dancer, choreographer, and performer alongside her long career in corporate and small businesses gives her a unique worldview. Her St. Paul, MN based dance studio and company, Kala Vandanam, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022. Her first book, an illustrated children's book "Dancing Deepa" was inspired by her loving students at Kala Vandanam, and is dedicated to them and all of the young, aspiring dancers out there who just want to share what they love with others. Suchi has devoted her time and talents to organizations supporting science and math education for girls, financial and job training for women, the arts, and developing vibrant small businesses in her community. Her passion is to integrate the arts, leadership, and entrepreneurship to help develop great people and spread good in the world around us. Find Suchi on social media - | For more about Kala Vandanam - |

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