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After devouring King Lycon, the tainted God Bishop stormed throughout the halls wreaking havoc in his wake. While Key and her party desperately look far a way out of the castle, they soon hear the thunderous steps of the Wolf God approaching. Kociel takes one long look into his newly beloved face before he pushes her into his brother�s arms. �Go!� He screamed. He turns and walks into the hallway. Ignoring the pleas from Diane, stand ready to give it all for the woman who smelt of lilacs and mint. He sees his father�s massive-dark figure as it engulfs the passageway. Its bloodlust flowing through the halls like ominous dark cloud of despair. Kociel once again hears Diane�s voice but its distance. He smirks. �Maybe in the next life I�ll be a better fit for you.� He thinks, before turning and facing the threat before him. He balls his fist tight, swallowing enough air to fill his lungs to burst, then he releases a mighty howl. The young man�s cedar color body explodes into fur and fangs. Even the God Bishop pauses, slightly frighten as it stares into the eyes of the dark wolf Kociel. The two clash in the passageway, sending ripples throughout the castle, breaking the wall and destroying the foundation. Key covers Diane�s eye as they watch the castle collapse upon itself crushing all inside. Weeks later� strange sightings and mysterious noises emanates from the ruinous castle. What�s going on inside? That�s where our new story takes place. A new epic adventure with new magical elements, which expands of the land of Bastion. New characters and new threats. Will Key determination hold? Curtis Alexander Goodson Hollins was born in 1984 in the small town of Bastrop, Louisiana. During those times money was very scarce causing him and ten of his other family members stayed in a four-bedroom apartment. He didn�t have much growing up but he loved being around his family more than anything. At a young age he when attended H.V, Adam elementary, he learned that he had a knack for creating stories, winning multiple Short Story Contest. But as much as he loved creative writing, as a child he was never was giving the opportunity to do so. He was forced to move to Arkansas away from his family when gang violence started to grow in his town. Pulled away from the only family and friends he knew caused him to feel lost and alone losing the motivation to write. Not until he met his five lifelong friends did his life became bearable again. But the feeling of loneliness never left his heart. He attended college in University of Monticello, where he started writing again and won another short story contest held division wide. However, factors outside his control, he needed to transfer to the University of Central Arkansas. Where multiple runs in with the police landed him in jail. When seeing his brother following his path. He plead with the judge to allow them both to change their lives by entering into the mil Born 1984 In Bastrop, Louisiana, he lived very modestly with 11 people in a 4-bedroom apartment. He attended H.V. Adams elementary where he won multiple short story contests, and realized he love not just writing but creating. However, h chances to explore that was stopped with he and others where force to leave to state of Louisiana. Not until he went to college at UAM was he able to begin writing again, winning another short story contest. He was transferred to University of Central Arkansas, where his financial struggles cause his grades to suffer, and he had to acquire a factory job. Which honestly, he loved it. But due to multiple run in with the police and an incident with his beloved brother, he pleaded with the judge allow both of them to join the military to make a better name for themselves. With the high demand of the military, his writing had to stop until he finally meet his soul-mate and his life turned terrible. He said thought to himself with all the things I been though and going through, a novel of my life should be written. The books that he writes are biography written in fantasy form. They serve three purposes: First. To give the African American and people of color, a hero that was not stereotypical. Meaning the stereotypes that follow the African American community aren�t in the book. Just a young black girl coming to age. That way not just the young African community can relate but all races can relate to the characters in the book. Second. It�s a fantasy fiction biography. Dedicated to the family and friend he loves and how his boys changed his life and made him into a decent person. Third. Being in the Military, he always away from the people he cares about the most. Which is very hard seeing he grew up in a big but poor-loving family. So, when tragedy strikes and it does so often, he left with only the memories of his loved one. He creates a character into his stories of them so his family and friends can live on together forever.

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