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Anne Marie Bennett has been writing stories and novels since the sixth grade when she was assigned to write a short story and instead turned in a 40-page novel about a little girl who stumbles on an underground cat colony. Her English teacher (thank you, Mr. Ballantyne!) was so impressed, he sent it to a publisher. The publisher did not respond, but Anne Marie decided right then and there to be a Writer (note the capital W). Flash forward 50 years and she is still writing stories and novels (among other things)! Anne Marie has published several books about the intuitive process of SoulCollage?, as well as her two unique cancer journeys. Last year she released a fifty-page novella, All You Need is Love? and Lilacs, plus a young adult novel, Come As You Are. She is now focusing her creative energies on creating books and stories that are good for the soul. While some people think that falling love at first sight (or almost first sight) isn?t a ?thing,? Anne Marie experienced it firsthand in 1991 when she met her husband Jeff. It was four years until they celebrated a wedding, but the relationship that began almost thirty years ago is still thriving and going strong. She wishes the same for Ben and Savannah, the main characters in Dragonflies at Night. These days, Anne Marie spends lots of time writing, reading, wearing bright colors, trying out scintillating varieties of dark chocolate, creating mixed media collages, working with the SoulCollage? process and EFT Tapping, and traveling to new places with Jeff, as well as spending quality feline time with Louis and Seymour who grace her life with much love, joy, and laughter.


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